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What am I missing?

With everyone’s super performance on dealing with this corona virus. There is something we are missing. I am hoping to get some clarity so as we make more informed decisions.

I am certainly not convinced that we know even close to the real numbers here. We have one of our guys went to la more than 2.5 weeks ago. ( before the two week quarantine was made public). After the Friday it was made public he left la as soon as possible abandoning his return tickets and came home ASAP. On the Monday. On Tuesday he awoke sick. His dr. said he was young and healthy so just to stay in a room away from his wife and kids. His dr said on the phone that he could hear the upper respiratory infection. Still he said that there was no need to test him. He has recovered over the last two weeks and wants to come back to work next week. I indicated that he should get tested to get cleared. Again he checked and they said he “should” be fine, and that they are not concerned. Hmmm. I am. We have been given very little information about recovered victims of covid-19. Where can this information be found? I am leary about his return to our healthy and diligent organization. I just need to be able to ensure everyone’s safety as best we can. He also does not want to put anyone at risk and is looking for some resolution.

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