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What am I missing?

With everyone’s super performance on dealing with this corona virus. There is something we are missing. I am hoping to get some clarity so as we make more informed decisions.

I am certainly not convinced that we know even close to the real numbers here. We have one of our guys went to la more than 2.5 weeks ago. ( before the two week quarantine was made public). After the Friday it was made public he left la as soon as possible abandoning his return tickets and came home ASAP. On the Monday. On Tuesday he awoke sick. His dr. said he was young and healthy so just to stay in a room away from his wife and kids. His dr said on the phone that he could hear the upper respiratory infection. Still he said that there was no need to test him. He has recovered over the last two weeks and wants to come back to work next week. I indicated that he should get tested to get cleared. Again he checked and they said he “should” be fine, and that they are not concerned. Hmmm. I am. We have been given very little information about recovered victims of covid-19. Where can this information be found? I am leary about his return to our healthy and diligent organization. I just need to be able to ensure everyone’s safety as best we can. He also does not want to put anyone at risk and is looking for some resolution.

covid-19 Social


So since I don’t have a blog and social distancing has limited my audience, I have decided to share my innermost thoughts on social media.

For the last number of months I have felt an impending doom. When the corona virus was first announced I thought “here we go again”. Another new disease that we will be chasing trying to catch a tiger by the tail.

In some ways I am defeatist. For many years I felt I would die before 50. That didn’t happen. I can be a conspiracy theorist , sometimes looking at the facts from different perspectives we can tie any story to a given set of facts. Unless there was a way to see omnipotently there is really only what we want to believe that really is our truth. Other times I feel I was meant to do something bigger than myself something good for humanity (you know, the ol’ visions of grandeur). Anyway it would seem, so far, I am merely 1 of 8 billion people likely all thinking various degrees of the same things , at times, as well. But certainly all facing the same health challenge currently.

This, for many of us is the single most significant event we have ever or will ever face. There is but one guarantee here. We will not all react the same. This has the potential to change the balance of power worldwide and also the distribution of wealth. Each of us will see the outcome of this through our own life filter. We need to try to understand and accept others’ decisions. We may not agree with them and we can try to sway them to our version or vision. They are not all wrong. This is their version of the future from their own experience.

Some people will be able to continue on in their daily life with little or no disruption. The life they have made may not be as affected as yours. They may already lead a relatively isolated existence they are financially stable and their desire to partake in the “news media” is low. In this way they may choose to lead their lives as if nothing was happening. Likely they are worried but are able to remain outwardly calm as there is a recognition that other than living their current life there is little if anything more they can do. We can not dismiss this is not caring.

Some of us will watch every news story and glean as much information as possible. We will listen to the experts and we will choose who we trust and believe. Some of us will see the worst possible outcome. Others will choose another of the 8 billion outcomes. For everyone of us will envision a different outcome. Please let us remember that each of we humans are living our own reality. In that way there is no definition of right or wrong.

Perhaps many people will experience crippling financial distress. Some of those who do will have never experienced this before. Others have lived their entire life this way. Many may turn out as unlikely heroes. Maybe forever redefining what that means.

I have heard “the rich will get richer”. Let us not forget those with the most to lose may In fact lose the most. Those with “nothing to lose” hopefully will lose the least. In everybody’s world things will be different and loss will be experienced. In the end the largest source of wealth will be leaned on to assist. That is not our government. We are the source of wealth. We will all only have each other to lean on.

This illness knows no borders. This will hopefully wake up the humanity in us all that reaches emotionally across borders. Whether those borders are half a world away or half a mile, maybe it is time to see the future through others’ lenses and try to understand how the world has made everyone who they are. (So far unedited , unlike me)